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scI am and will always be in love with ‘Gone with The Wind’.I loved the movie too but it was nothing compared to the characters in the book.
Was not happy with it’s end though.I wanted Rhett and Scarlett to have a closure,to finally realize that what they had wanted all along was right there, all they needed was to be together.
‘Scarlett’ is more about what happens to Scarlett after Melanie dies.
Rhett and Scarlett both were strong characters who had strong beliefs and opinions.
This book shows more about Rhett’s side of the family something we never know in the first book.It shows Scarlett to be more human,to have feelings for others too rather than herself ,to have struggles of her own,realization of her love for Rhett and finally having a baby that she could rrally love and not just tolerate,something of her own she could love forever.
I didn’t like some parts of the book that were too lengthy or unnecessary but over all I liked its ending,Rhett and Scarlett were finally together!Yay !! ❤

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zAnother typical Danielle Steel novel set against the backdrop of Russian Revolution that moves around the life of Zoya Romanov who was forced to flee her country with her grandmother after the rest of the family died.
Her Life would have been perfect as it was with the connections that she had and the lineage that she belonged to had the war not started that changed it completely forever.
It is a story of survival instinct and the human spirit to live and carry on.
What saddened me was the frequency with which her close and loved ones died because of one tragedy or the other.Rising from rags to riches which is another typical theme of D.S. novels.
It’s a good read for someone who has just started reading or a big fan or Danielle Steel novels otherwise it’s easily passable.

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The Girl With Green Eyes

ghA good read only for someone who is a fan of sweet romantic novels by Betty Neels.
The simplicity of the characters would make you long for the time when Life was simple.
The heroine,Lucy was typically Betty Neels,pure of heart and simple of looks and easily ignorable but sweet enough to be treasured by the main character William for her manners, patience and behaviour towards kids.
Sweet romance, but stretched too much without content.
Have read better from Betty Neels and would definitely love to read more from her collection 🙂

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Veronica Decides To Die

vdeTwenty-four-year-old Veronika seems to have everything she could wish for : youth and beauty, pleny of attractive boyfriends, a fulfilling job, and a loving family. Yet something is lacking in her life. So,Veronika decides to die. She takes a handful of sleeping pills expecting never to wake up.

Naturally Veronika is stunned when she does wake up at Villete, a local mental hospital, where the staff informs her that the medication has damaged her heart so severely that she has only days to live.

The story follows Veronika through the intense week of self-discovery,things she has never really allowed herself to feel before: hatred, fear, curiosity, love, and sexual awakening. She finds that every second of her existence is a choice between living and dying, and at the eleventh hour emerges more open to life than ever before.

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The Immortals of Meluha(Shiva Trilogy #1)

iThere are books and then there are books that you just can’t keep down because they fill in the imaginative corners of your mind to such an extent that you start living it and regretting the moments when you need to attend to some other chore in between.

Deviating to a great extent from what you expect from an Indian author and a first-time published at that !

A mystical and spellbinding story that is a beautiful combination of myth and fiction.A definite page turner that would make you look forward to what happens next.
The characters are as magnanimous as the story itself with their principles being a part of their identity,the central part of the story being that a person can be truly great not because of his lineage,or birth but solely by his actions that can earn him respect worthy of GOD Himself!
Could’ve been better with improvised use of language,but a must-read nonetheless !

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The Secret of the Nagas(Shiva Trilogy#2)

nHow often do you come across a sequel by an Indian author and how often do you find yourself looking forward to reading it?
If “The immortals of Meluha” was a good read then I found “The secret of the Nagas” even better,not in terms of it’s expressions or use of the language,(there is a huge scope of improvement there)but in terms of how it’s story unfolds.
The plot in interesting with it’s twists and turns, spilling secrets, revealations,shocks and unimaginable betrayals that keep pounding on you. So yes!it is a page turner…
The language part however sometimes spoils the mood of the era that this story speaks of.How do you justify the use of words like damn,mumbo-jumbo and the likes.

The characters though have been taken from the Indian mythology,something that we have only heard of in stories,but live true to the fact that it’s the people who are strong of character,will,deeds and values that deserve respect worthy of a ‘God’.

The last book had ended with an expression that there is some secret being the Nagas’s leader,the “Lord of the People” and Sati.
Shiva on the other hand is hell-bent on finding their leader and avenging the death of Brahaspati.His quest takes him to the holy city of Kashi where everyone is accepted regardless of any rules or laws.
It is here that secrets are revealed,battles are fought,questions are answered and identities are disclosed.

Evil is everywhere.Shiva has to find evil and uproot it but the knowledge that there is good and evil in all of us and we can choose as to what dominates us is enlightening.On the othere hand,the Nagas are related to The Suryavanshis and HOW? This is something that is truly shocking and somewhat delighting too.Sati comes to know of this and like a true Suryavanshi accepts it knowing that a person’s physical attributes have got nothing to do with his personal attributes.
There is an external source which is directing the events.It’s the Bhrigu that seems to be full of suspicion in his commands and exploitation of powerful people.
And then there are Shiva’s dreams. They too seem to be full of secrets yet to be told.

Looking forward to the third book of the series…
As for this one… Highly Recommended!

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Miracles Happen

m Another wonderful book from Dr. Brian Weiss, a renowed psychotherapist which he has compiled along with his daughter Amy about Life and beyond.
Though I liked his previous books’Only love is real’ and ‘Many Lives many Masters’ more than this one, but even this book makes you feel as peaceful and satiated as the others.
It has beautiful stories from the experiences of those regressed by Dr.Weiss,a psychologist and regression therapist over the years and the immortality of the soul.
The basic reasoning behind the therapy being that we are not bodies but souls that continue into many lifetimes.
The soul never dies, it just changes it’s form.It is limitless, free from physical constraints.
There is no fear in Death, only learning and moving on with the knowledge that those who love you are always there for you, with you, taking care of you.
You are sure to meet them again, till then it’s just a matter of time.
Your dreams and past-life memories can be used as a way to heal the problems that could have been carried along into your current life.
So, believe in a higher power that takes care of you and guides you.You are not alone,you are immensly loved.
This book has to be read slowly and probably in many sittings, savoured and understood with the love, depth and knowledge it talks about.A great read for anyone searching for questions by his soul.

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A Girl To Love

bnThis was the first book that I had read from Betty Neels not knowing that I would love it so much. I have an old copy of this book and I have kept it along with my favourite ones to be read when I feel low.
It’s a story about Sadie, a plain village girl who was left orphaned at a young age and used to live with her grandmother in an old village.When her grandmother also dies, she has to sell her house to a rich playwright who is a widower and has two young girls.
She was lucky to be employed as a housekeeper in her own home by the new owner home and does all she can to make the kids happy.She is a good home-maker and a great cook,
Enters the evil Miss Murch and the odd effect she has on the kids specially when she is supposed to be their nanny.The kids aren’t their usual self around her sour personality.They are quiet and always scared about doing something wrong and upsetting her.
Sadie is great with the kids and brings them out of their shell by her gentle demeanour.
I loved the entire scene where Miss Murch was ordered to leave by her own evil virtues and the kids were allowed to be as kids should be.
Oliver, her boss admires her secretly.
They make plans to go back to London and Sadie finds herself falling for Oliver and aptly enough he has fallen for her too.
A very sweet romantic story.A must read for any romance-holic 😉

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Redeeming love

dd‘Redeeming love’.
Couldn’t have been a more apt title for this book about Angel,a prostitute and her redemption of love that she has never known and never expected from her tormented Life.
Betrayed and left alone at an age when little girls should be playing with dolls and gently loved and cared by their Parents, she finds herself all alone and sold into prostitution to a wealthy man who exploits her and leaves her hating all mankind.
All her desperate efforts of trying to get away from her Life fail and she accepts her Fate as a prostitude when she meets Michael,a devout Christian who believes that it’s God’s calling that she is the woman he is supposed to marry and be with.
They get married under strange circumstances and Michael brings her home. Even though she now has a loving husband, Angel isn’t able to restore her faith in love and life. She has only known a Life where people have abused her and she finds it difficult to believe in his good intentions.
She is confused and tormented and finds herself unworthy of self-less love because of her past and runs away a number of times leaving Michael alone and each time he gets her back with no retribution.
Her heart slowly heals despite her resistance and incapability in feeling her husband’s love.

She starts looking forward to Life with him until one day a bitter realisation makes her leave him again in understanding that she is undeserving of his love.
It is then later in San Francisco that she finds her true calling and finally comes back home to Michael and the love she has been looking for her entire Life.

It’s an emotional story, at times you feel strange that how can someone not understand love.But, then I guess Life has a strange way, it’s easy to decide, criticise and think about someone as a third person, but to actually be in that situation and decide or justify is very difficult.
It is a story about redemption not only of love but also about faith in God’s decisions and His .
A goodread if a romantic heartbreaking story set in 1800s still holds good for you

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The Accidental Apprentice

accThe Accidental Apprentice, a story set in the bustling town of Delhi about a simple girl, Sapna Sinha who has to pass the seven tests set by a successful businessman Vinay Acharya looking for someone who can be the CEO of his ever expanding multi-million business.
And that is where it all starts.

I liked the plot of the story,well that is why I bought the book in the first place.But, to actually say that is where all the excitement ends too. Everything that happens in her Life is too co-incidental, everything that occurs has been pre-set for her and she is only playing her part and taking her decions and even they seem too bizarre and irrational at times.

It was really irritating to know at the end that Vinay Acharya had thought of making her a CEO because once without knowing she had donated blood to him and he was bowled over by the generosity of her spirit.Irrational to the extent of being ridiculous.
Well fine,even if we digest all this,most of the resources are available for her according to her whim and needs.Something that a common simple girl working in a showroom isn’t supposed to have.

She has access to someone who can break locks, someone who suffers through kleptomania and delivers the key to her at the very right moment,someone who is related to a racket involving illegal kidney-donations,a reporter who is always there at her beck and call with almost all the right resources,someone who can mimic very well ad even a 5 Rupee coin which due to some very strange reasons rolls exactly where it’s supposed to reveal a shocking secret.
Isn’t all this too much of a plot setting, this books looks more of a movie script than a reasonable story of a simple girl’s Life where things don’t happen just-by-chance at such alarming rates.

Then comes the language part, it’s too simple.There are sentences like”Why didn’t God take me and spare my ‘flowerlike’ daughter”. I mean really ? What kind of English is this?

The plot is good. I will still say that I liked it,but it could really have been much better had there been not too many co-incidences.Too much of them ruin the fun of it.
I like a book that can be a bit close to reality even if it’s fiction.
But, read it if you still are intrigued by the plot. Full marks for that.

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