The Five People You Meet in Heaven


Sometimes, I question myself that what if Life could be lived again in retrospective? What if we could change some of our choices and some of our decisions? Would Life change or would even after taking a detour it would come back to the same road that it took from the beginning.

The story here begins with the death of Eddie, a maintainance man in a park where people come for joy rides.
He dies saving the Life of a little girl and hence the story begins.

Freed from his body he meets the Five people he is supposed to meet in Heaven that have touched his Life in some way or the other and there he experiences Life again from where it started to where it ends.
Even the surroundings after his death describe his emotions and feelings.The book ends with the explanation of why Eddie spends his entire Life working in the maintainance park that he always disliked.

I liked the book in terms some of its philosophy, its beliefs such as a fact that even though we think that we alone and inconsequential, we in fact are responsible for people around us through our decisions. We actually affect a lot of other lives through it as well.

We are all connected to each other in some form or the other and we do bear the consequences of our actions and the lives that we touch.
Some endings in our Life are also the beginning of something new still in a way responsible of its happenings.
A short feel-good book that makes you think about the people in your Life and how in some way or the other they are all connected to you making your Life what it is supposed to be.

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