This is one of my favourite books by Danielle Steele… Was actually getting bored of her writing style when I stumbled upon this one.
But once I started it,I was totally engrossed into the way its story was enfolding, it being so gripping and heart wrenching at times that i could finally keep it down only once I had read the happy ending it so truly deserved.
A story of three girls left to be on their own when their actor father kills his pretty wife and commits suicide himself.
The eldest Hilary is the only one who is  old enough to understand the loss that has happened and the way their lives would change. The younger ones are adopted whereas Hilary is left on her own to go through the most devastating phases of her life.
But she makes it her own, with her will,her pain so strong it doesn’t let anyone come in her Life.
It all changes when a private investigator is asked to find the three girls by a guilt prone friend of their father’s who is about to die and wishes to see them united.
Would they meet …would Hilary move on ? is something you can know only after going through the Life each little girl had.
And you can do that only if you are ready to go through the dark and depressing sometimes happy emotions it brings 🙂

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