Redeeming love

dd‘Redeeming love’.
Couldn’t have been a more apt title for this book about Angel,a prostitute and her redemption of love that she has never known and never expected from her tormented Life.
Betrayed and left alone at an age when little girls should be playing with dolls and gently loved and cared by their Parents, she finds herself all alone and sold into prostitution to a wealthy man who exploits her and leaves her hating all mankind.
All her desperate efforts of trying to get away from her Life fail and she accepts her Fate as a prostitude when she meets Michael,a devout Christian who believes that it’s God’s calling that she is the woman he is supposed to marry and be with.
They get married under strange circumstances and Michael brings her home. Even though she now has a loving husband, Angel isn’t able to restore her faith in love and life. She has only known a Life where people have abused her and she finds it difficult to believe in his good intentions.
She is confused and tormented and finds herself unworthy of self-less love because of her past and runs away a number of times leaving Michael alone and each time he gets her back with no retribution.
Her heart slowly heals despite her resistance and incapability in feeling her husband’s love.

She starts looking forward to Life with him until one day a bitter realisation makes her leave him again in understanding that she is undeserving of his love.
It is then later in San Francisco that she finds her true calling and finally comes back home to Michael and the love she has been looking for her entire Life.

It’s an emotional story, at times you feel strange that how can someone not understand love.But, then I guess Life has a strange way, it’s easy to decide, criticise and think about someone as a third person, but to actually be in that situation and decide or justify is very difficult.
It is a story about redemption not only of love but also about faith in God’s decisions and His .
A goodread if a romantic heartbreaking story set in 1800s still holds good for you

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