The Accidental Apprentice

accThe Accidental Apprentice, a story set in the bustling town of Delhi about a simple girl, Sapna Sinha who has to pass the seven tests set by a successful businessman Vinay Acharya looking for someone who can be the CEO of his ever expanding multi-million business.
And that is where it all starts.

I liked the plot of the story,well that is why I bought the book in the first place.But, to actually say that is where all the excitement ends too. Everything that happens in her Life is too co-incidental, everything that occurs has been pre-set for her and she is only playing her part and taking her decions and even they seem too bizarre and irrational at times.

It was really irritating to know at the end that Vinay Acharya had thought of making her a CEO because once without knowing she had donated blood to him and he was bowled over by the generosity of her spirit.Irrational to the extent of being ridiculous.
Well fine,even if we digest all this,most of the resources are available for her according to her whim and needs.Something that a common simple girl working in a showroom isn’t supposed to have.

She has access to someone who can break locks, someone who suffers through kleptomania and delivers the key to her at the very right moment,someone who is related to a racket involving illegal kidney-donations,a reporter who is always there at her beck and call with almost all the right resources,someone who can mimic very well ad even a 5 Rupee coin which due to some very strange reasons rolls exactly where it’s supposed to reveal a shocking secret.
Isn’t all this too much of a plot setting, this books looks more of a movie script than a reasonable story of a simple girl’s Life where things don’t happen just-by-chance at such alarming rates.

Then comes the language part, it’s too simple.There are sentences like”Why didn’t God take me and spare my ‘flowerlike’ daughter”. I mean really ? What kind of English is this?

The plot is good. I will still say that I liked it,but it could really have been much better had there been not too many co-incidences.Too much of them ruin the fun of it.
I like a book that can be a bit close to reality even if it’s fiction.
But, read it if you still are intrigued by the plot. Full marks for that.

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