Miracles Happen

m Another wonderful book from Dr. Brian Weiss, a renowed psychotherapist which he has compiled along with his daughter Amy about Life and beyond.
Though I liked his previous books’Only love is real’ and ‘Many Lives many Masters’ more than this one, but even this book makes you feel as peaceful and satiated as the others.
It has beautiful stories from the experiences of those regressed by Dr.Weiss,a psychologist and regression therapist over the years and the immortality of the soul.
The basic reasoning behind the therapy being that we are not bodies but souls that continue into many lifetimes.
The soul never dies, it just changes it’s form.It is limitless, free from physical constraints.
There is no fear in Death, only learning and moving on with the knowledge that those who love you are always there for you, with you, taking care of you.
You are sure to meet them again, till then it’s just a matter of time.
Your dreams and past-life memories can be used as a way to heal the problems that could have been carried along into your current life.
So, believe in a higher power that takes care of you and guides you.You are not alone,you are immensly loved.
This book has to be read slowly and probably in many sittings, savoured and understood with the love, depth and knowledge it talks about.A great read for anyone searching for questions by his soul.

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