The Immortals of Meluha(Shiva Trilogy #1)

iThere are books and then there are books that you just can’t keep down because they fill in the imaginative corners of your mind to such an extent that you start living it and regretting the moments when you need to attend to some other chore in between.

Deviating to a great extent from what you expect from an Indian author and a first-time published at that !

A mystical and spellbinding story that is a beautiful combination of myth and fiction.A definite page turner that would make you look forward to what happens next.
The characters are as magnanimous as the story itself with their principles being a part of their identity,the central part of the story being that a person can be truly great not because of his lineage,or birth but solely by his actions that can earn him respect worthy of GOD Himself!
Could’ve been better with improvised use of language,but a must-read nonetheless !

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