The Secret of the Nagas(Shiva Trilogy#2)

nHow often do you come across a sequel by an Indian author and how often do you find yourself looking forward to reading it?
If “The immortals of Meluha” was a good read then I found “The secret of the Nagas” even better,not in terms of it’s expressions or use of the language,(there is a huge scope of improvement there)but in terms of how it’s story unfolds.
The plot in interesting with it’s twists and turns, spilling secrets, revealations,shocks and unimaginable betrayals that keep pounding on you. So yes!it is a page turner…
The language part however sometimes spoils the mood of the era that this story speaks of.How do you justify the use of words like damn,mumbo-jumbo and the likes.

The characters though have been taken from the Indian mythology,something that we have only heard of in stories,but live true to the fact that it’s the people who are strong of character,will,deeds and values that deserve respect worthy of a ‘God’.

The last book had ended with an expression that there is some secret being the Nagas’s leader,the “Lord of the People” and Sati.
Shiva on the other hand is hell-bent on finding their leader and avenging the death of Brahaspati.His quest takes him to the holy city of Kashi where everyone is accepted regardless of any rules or laws.
It is here that secrets are revealed,battles are fought,questions are answered and identities are disclosed.

Evil is everywhere.Shiva has to find evil and uproot it but the knowledge that there is good and evil in all of us and we can choose as to what dominates us is enlightening.On the othere hand,the Nagas are related to The Suryavanshis and HOW? This is something that is truly shocking and somewhat delighting too.Sati comes to know of this and like a true Suryavanshi accepts it knowing that a person’s physical attributes have got nothing to do with his personal attributes.
There is an external source which is directing the events.It’s the Bhrigu that seems to be full of suspicion in his commands and exploitation of powerful people.
And then there are Shiva’s dreams. They too seem to be full of secrets yet to be told.

Looking forward to the third book of the series…
As for this one… Highly Recommended!

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