scI am and will always be in love with ‘Gone with The Wind’.I loved the movie too but it was nothing compared to the characters in the book.
Was not happy with it’s end though.I wanted Rhett and Scarlett to have a closure,to finally realize that what they had wanted all along was right there, all they needed was to be together.
‘Scarlett’ is more about what happens to Scarlett after Melanie dies.
Rhett and Scarlett both were strong characters who had strong beliefs and opinions.
This book shows more about Rhett’s side of the family something we never know in the first book.It shows Scarlett to be more human,to have feelings for others too rather than herself ,to have struggles of her own,realization of her love for Rhett and finally having a baby that she could rrally love and not just tolerate,something of her own she could love forever.
I didn’t like some parts of the book that were too lengthy or unnecessary but over all I liked its ending,Rhett and Scarlett were finally together!Yay !! ❤

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