zAnother typical Danielle Steel novel set against the backdrop of Russian Revolution that moves around the life of Zoya Romanov who was forced to flee her country with her grandmother after the rest of the family died.
Her Life would have been perfect as it was with the connections that she had and the lineage that she belonged to had the war not started that changed it completely forever.
It is a story of survival instinct and the human spirit to live and carry on.
What saddened me was the frequency with which her close and loved ones died because of one tragedy or the other.Rising from rags to riches which is another typical theme of D.S. novels.
It’s a good read for someone who has just started reading or a big fan or Danielle Steel novels otherwise it’s easily passable.

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2 thoughts on “Zoya

  1. I don’t like Danielle Steel’s books…the only book I liked by Steel is Legacy. It’s really good!!:)


    • 🙂 You are right.
      Danielle Steele books are quite monotonous in their theme. Even this book was kind of a stereotype.
      I would read Legacy if I can and in turn I can recommend “Kaleidoscope” to you.
      Hope you like it 🙂


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