A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is the kind of book that would make you want to break your head up against a wall, never stopping even once and repeating it till you have lost all sensation and also a part of your brain that got mucked up reading this piece of nonsensical bull-shit.
The kind of book that would make you feel a burning anger within yourself and a helplessness both at the same time.
Anger because you were stupid enough to start reading this book and helplessness because you are one of those people who cannot rest till they have read a book completely once they started regardless of what it contains, or else the book will keep haunting and taunting them endlessly.
I am disappontedly surprised about the kind of rating it has, probably there are a lot of people in this world who can tolerate so much of nonsense and can still have a go at it with the rest of it’s series, but, I for sure am not one of them.
It is a fantasy book and it is allowed to have it’s own share of strangeness and violence considering that it is about a battle of thrones.But this surely doesn’t mean that such nonsense has to keep on repeating and repeating like there was nothing else to say or write and the author just wanted the readers to have a sense of drama regarless of what it takes.
The book had a good lining in it’s plot with the beginnings of existence of an alternate world which is different in the sense of it’s seasons that go on endlessly and direwolves as pets but for me this is where the difference ends.
The rest of the characters act in the same way as anybody in a fiction series would.
To start with, Eddard Stark , The Lord of Winterfell has a character of a noble thinking man true to his virtues, but he comes out only as a fool who lost his life at a cost of nothing, something he could have easily avoided lest he used a bit of his brains.
His wife Catelyn, nothing but so irksome that you don’t even feel sympathy for her when her husband dies.
Sansa , a typical air-headed bird-brain girl who has only beauty to back her with no strength of character.
Arya is probably the only one in the Stark family to look with admiration and hope that her rebellious character would keep her as fearless and audacious she is made out to be.
Bran , I sympathise with him.He would have been an interesting one to read had he not been crippled by the author ever since he came to Life in the book.
Jon Snow , Eddard’s bastard child who has been outcast with his albino wolf to guard the Wall and has all shades of what is so typical of such characters as always depicted.They are supposed to have super powers that come to them naturally. They are respected and loved by their brethren and are at the end somehow the ones that bring honour to the family that abandons them.Typical typical typical!

As far as the Lannisters are concerned they are nothing but vicious, cruel, pig-headed people.
I was hoping Tyrion Lannister ,the dwarf to fall off the slope when he was imprisoned by Catelyn and taken to her sister’s dungeon in the sky cells.I really really wanted to see him fly! I guess the cruelty was rubbing on to me too. Such was my hatred towards him, but then that is how his character is made out to be. To be crude, selfish and conniving, to be a dwarf of a man that he is, an outcast even if he is not a bastard on attributes of his physical characteristics. He is not even considered as a son worthy of mention when his father, Tywin Lannister speaks of people that he would like to remain alive. It’s his pain at being so royally ignored that makes you feel for him sometimes. Otherwise, he is also a part of the rest of crude characters so much the highlight of this novel.

And then at last is Dany,Daenerys Targaryen, the heir to the seven kingdoms, last of the blood of dragons. She is a character in herself. She is sold to Khal Drogo, the warlord of the Dothraki clan by her brother Viserys,her brother who was initially supposed to marry her(icky).There was a concept of brothers and sisters marrying one another to keep the bloodline pure.(yuck).So, Dany is married off to the khal in lieu of a promise that the khal would help him bring back the reign to the seven kingdoms that were taken from him.The details of the wedding and the consummation is something I wouldn’t even wan’t to remember lest it brings my brain to seizure again, but they are truly barbaric and brutal to the point of being utterly disgusting. Well, Dany is continually raped by her husband as is portrayed off as love when she gets pregnant and has to eat a horse’s heart raw and straight from inside the animal as is customary.
So much for fiction and fantasy.The details are gory and disgusting.I know ‘disgusting’ is coming too many times here but that is all that this book makes you feel.DISGUSTING!
Viserys is blinded by his lust for the throne and in an act of utter stupidity raises a sword to Dany. He says that he would be given all the gold and is then burned by the khal with molten gold over his head.
Dany’s unborn child is too dangerous for the current king and assassins are sent over to poisin her, but she is saved and in anger an attack on the Seven Kingdoms is led in retribution. The Khal gets injured and is infected.Dany, asks a maegi,a woman who casts spells to save her husband and the woman asks her of a price, the price is to be paid by Death of someone. The woman saves the khal by magic and in turn takes the Life of her son who is born on the same day. What is left of the khal is only a zombie and the clan also has abandoned them bacause the khal had fallen from the horse and they cannot follow a khal who cannot even ride a horse. Left alone and hopeless Dany ends her khal’s life herself with a pillow and makes a pyre in which she puts all of khal’s possessions and alo the maegi who had betrayed her. She also places her dragon’s eggs also in the pyre along with her husband which were gifted to her in her marriage.
The eggs hatch one by one when the pyre is lit and now Dany is the new leader of the few men left.
Utter nonsense of an ending of the first book of the series.

The book has a lot of loose ends that makes you want to see how the events are related.The things are just shoved at you and the best that they would do is throw you off guard with nothing to intrigue you.At most it would make you hate it more and more.

The women are totally abused and considered to be no better than cattle.There is no romance between those married , only sad depictions of women being used only to produce heirs. What a limited view of making something compelling for the male readers.The violence, swearing,abusing goes on and on in circles.There is no fantasy, only bits and pieces of stale fiction that you would find out in any modern fiction book that truly sucks in its imagination and originality.

This is only a melodrama that is the basis of any serial dramatics you see on TV.

The book is no different, so for anyone who might like this kind of a story would be better off watching the series rather than wasting time on a book hoping to gain something by doing so.
There is no intrigue, nothing mystical, no sense of direction,totally mundane and boring and has nothing new to push someone to read the next in the series.
It is a disappointing and DISGUSTING read to the core.

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One thought on “A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)

  1. the undeniable anglophile

    You have everything wrong here! EVERYTHING! First of all, women are treated like that because this was based on the middle ages and times before then. Rapes happened all the time, then. Disgusting it is, indeed, but the writer is truly sorry for not making it about Barbie making it down Marshmallow Mountain. The world is not perfect, and Martin has given a true, direct, unflinching and straightforward approach to the world in all its flaws. Women were rarely respected in most places until a few centuries ago.

    And now, Tyrion. Tyrion is a brilliant character, kind, good-hearted and full of heart, at many moments. He can be cruel, but only when he absolutely has to be.

    And Ned makes a lot of mistakes, but he is good-hearted, the purest of all characters in the series.

    Jon: Nobody in his family hates him, he wasn’t cast out from his family and he most certainly isn’t respected by everyone. Plus, how did the family abandon him? It was his decision and his alone. They didn’t make him do anything. In fact, the only one who didn’t love him in it was Catelyn, and even she was never actually, properly rude to him, except the one incident.

    Bran: The fact that he’s crippled will add to the storyline later on. He isn’t forced to stay in the place at all times by it, he does have to go through much worse characters.

    Catelyn: She IS NOT irksome, she is a loving, caring mom, and she takes care of her children no matter what. She is a great parent and has a heart in the right place.

    Seasons don’t go on endlessly.

    Sansa: Her metamorphosis is one of the main things that makes the story a good one to read. She doesn’t stay airheaded for the whole thing!

    If you want to have an opinion on something, then fine! but don’t make such judgments without any idea of how to judge a character.

    The fact that his world is flawed adds brilliance to the tale; there are nno perfect characters.


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