RebeccaRebecca by Daphne du Maurier
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There is something in these words ” Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again”…They are as mysterious, intriguing and as full of suspense as the novel itself…
Manderly, the way it rolls off your tongue and makes you want to say it again…It has an etheral charm about it that will make you feel drawn towards it and want to know it for real.
I am simply in awe of the way the place has been described. So beautiful that you would be able to walk through it,smell and see the various flowers, rose gardens,shrubberies and inhale the salty smell of the sea that it is sorrounded with …

It’s not surpising why the book has been named” Rebecca” because that is who will be occupying your mind and keeping you on the edge till you have read the very last of the page.

There are secrets that are not revealed till you have gone through around two-thirds of the book and once they start coming out each and every line will be such a game changer that you wont be able to make out which way the tide is going to turn.
Strangely enough it is about a girl who has no one in the world and is married to an older, very rich man Mr. de Winter in ununsual circumstances when he is trying to get over her first wife who is now dead, Rebecca.
Yes! this is the word that is on everyone’s lips, so much so that the you will never know the name of the current Mrs. de Winter.
Such is the manner in which Rebecca will rule over your mind too.
After a few weeks they return to Manderley and that is when Mrs. de winter, a very young girl from a simple background comes to know that Rebecca had died in an accidental while rowing and her boat capsized.
Mrs. Danvers the houskeeper was very emotional about Rebecca and thus hates the current mistress of the house who has come to take her place.
Surprisingly, even the new bride finds her many times going through the same emotions of occupying someone else’s place. She enacts the entire scenes in her mind in great details about how Rebecca would have been,the place and her new life that overwhelms her and how the people would be talking about her. You would feel sympathy for her to be haunted by the ghost of Rebecca everywhere she goes.

“Rebecca, always Rebecca. Wherever I walked in Manderley, wherever I sat, even in my thought and in my dreams, I met Rebecca. I knew her figure now, the long slim legs, the small and narrow feet. Her shoulders broader than mine, the capable clever hands. Hands that could steer a boat, could hold a horse. Hands that arranged flowers, made the models of ships, and wrote ‘Max from Rebecca’ on the fly-leaf of a book. I knew her face too, small and oval, the clear white skin, the cloud of dark hair. I knew the scent she wore, I could guess her laughter and her smile. If I heard it, even among a thousand others, I should recognise her voice. Rebecca, always Rebecca. I should never be rid of Rebecca.”

Such is her plight that she thinks that even her husband hasn’t gotten over his dead wife and thus tries not to make him unhappy by asking too many questions.
It all changes when a shipwreck happens on the seas outside Manderley and a boat is found submerged with a body inside the cabins.
And when you will come to this point that you will lose count of your hours and minutes.
It’s a jewel-on-your-bookshelf book, a special-place-in-your-heart book, a want-to-read-it-again book and each time you do so you will be as mesmerised as you were the very first time you read it.
Highly Recommended!

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2 thoughts on “Rebecca

  1. It’s a wonderful book!! Initially (Upto 40-45 pages) I thought perhaps I’d bought a wrong book but after that it’s so gripping that I finished it in a go…Nice review!:)


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