The Hobbit

The HobbitThe Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I know that had I read The Hobbit as a kid it would have surely been a 6 stars book for me and I would have cherished and lived the adventure of Bilbo Bagginns and his crazy team of dwarfs forever.
I still do, I think it is a 6 star book(the kid in me is still alive) and I absolutely loved it from the beginning till the end when he finally came home much wiser and bolder than his previous unadventurous self.
Who doesn’t love a story with dwarfs, goblins, elves and a mighty dragon.
I wish there were fairies in this book too..It would have somehow made the story a bit more interesting.

Bilbo Baggins is an unadventurous hobbit and is respected for this quality. He loves being in his hole and living his cozy Life.
When Gandalf, the wizard asks Bilbo the question about ‘good morning’ and the truth behind it I just couldn’t keep chuckling with his humour and sarcasm as to what defines a ‘good morning’. Gandalf seems to believe in Bilbo Baggins and something in Bilbo makes him understand that he is going to be an important part of their adventure of bringing the treasure back.

When the story of this wonderful adventure started I was really amused at the way the dwarfs kept on coming up to his doorstep uninvited and all Bilbo could do was be polite with them and offer them courtsies and refreshments. And it is out of politness only that he is tricked into the adventure he doesn’t wishes for or thinks he is capable of .

Gandalf is very much a wizard and does what wizards do. Very wisely he sends Bilbo to an adventure he knows Bilbo is worthy of or will be worthy of when the situation demands.
As we read on we find that initially Bilbo is considered only to be a burden to the team but very soon he is respected and looked upto for suggestions and decisions.
He proves to be observing, witty, knows how to seize an opportunity,is challenging, quick of thinking, true to his words and a good learner.
He is the one to bring his team out of dangerous situations many times and is worthy of the share he is promised.
Isn’t this somehow our story too ?
We are comfortable in our situations and skins, not interested in getting up to any risk unless forced and content to live in our own hole undisturbed and unchallenged ?
Isn’t this also what makes us ordinary, respected at times for conforming to what the society demands, very polite in words though not in spirits ?
Bilbo Baggins is a story to tell that heroes are not born. Heros are made from what we decide to do with our situations, when we truly push ourselves.

We might have a lot to strive and we might get lucky too like Bilbo was to have found the ring or we can just choose to carry on with our mundane everyday lives.
It is a story every kid should read and re-read when they grow up,something to revive when spirits fall low.
It is a masterpiece, not to be missed.

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