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A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3)

A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3)A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, the war of thrones goes on.
The contenders are at each others throats and the world across the Seven Kingdoms is reeling with its aftermaths.
There are quite a few shocks along the way , something so unexpected that you wouldn’t be able to breathe for a while at the suddenness of it.
I was strangely shocked at one child’s death with treachery and happy at another child’d death with sorcery.Both were contenders to the throne,but one was a spoilt brat to whom the throne was presented as a matter of lineage whereas the other was a warrior to whom not the throne but bringing back his family and avenging his father’s death that brought him in the race for the throne.
Both the deaths are unexpected and would totally shake the ground under your feet.

But there are more tears to be shed and brutality to be seen. No character is spared and blood seeps from every heart.
*** Spoiler Alert ***

Robb I sincerely sincerely wish that you had kept your promise as a true King and not forget it over a girl.

Jon seems promising with the way his character has developed. I think he will have new responsibilities in the future that would somehow change a lot of things.

Danerys is making her kingdom with her heart that makes people wan’t to follow her. But,even she takes a few hard decisions that would create her path she has to follow in her quest for the crown.

Arya is somewhat stuck. I was looking forward to her reunion with her family, but what happened with her just at the precise moment is totally unfair. She is lost with no one to be with her and I liked her chapters with Sandor Cleange. Her character has to be developed and I hope there are still promises that would be fulfilled as expected from her.

Melissandre is a queer woman. She restores to sorcery and can kill people with it. She is still a mysterious character as to what her ambitions are.

Jaime was till now a loathsome character for me, a golden haired monster who pushed Bran. But, now that he is shown in better light I feel that his life has been unfair to him too. He might be a game changer in the future and might even see the truth of Cersei, his evil twin.

Brienne This is one character who has honour and loyalty and can go to any extent to stick to them. So what if she looks like a man, she has the heart of a woman and that is what counts. She turns the monster Jaime to someone with feelings, all with her awkwardness, something that Cersei could never do. Probably there is something that can happen with the two of them.

Tyrion is still an ambiguous Imp. Somewhere he seems to be sensitive with the way he is with Sansa. I feel for him even when he kills Tywin and Shae. There are sometimes no better ways to take out your frustration in the way you have been treated all your Life. I hope better things from him, but still not sure, whether he would be a positive or a negative character.He always seems to be attracting danger to himself with a red flag and no way to get out of it.

Cersei is the worst of all Lannisters. She is cunning, not trustworthy, opportunist who deserves no sympathy even when Joffrey dies. She seems to have a taste of her own bitter medicine for the first time ever.

I know this series is brutal, its hard and no one is spared ever.There are no happy people and no happy reunions or endings. All that seems to turn to good eventually takes a turn again and turns negative in the blink of an eye. But, I guess that is what the mastery of this series.

There is a lot of suspense and I am looking forward to its unraveling in the next book. Wish a few good outcomes and happiness for the characters, if not from the winter (that is enveloping everything into its coldness) then atleast from the situations that they go through.
And now, going to the next one A Feast for Crows as soon as possible.
Gosh! it doesn’t leave me even in my sleep.

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Gone Girl

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If there is any book which has really horrible, mean and selfish main characters then this is the one.
The main backdrop being that of a marriage gone bad, this book can be exemplary of two characters who are 5 years into their marriage and are yet as elusive to each other as strangers would be.
The book starts with Nick Dunne appraising the shape of his wife’s head and initially it would seem that it is being done with love, but actually it is not.What Nick is actually silently warning is to beware of what goes on inside his wife’s pretty little head.

Amy on the other hand is whiny in the beginning about how much she wants to save their marriage, how much she has invested into the relationship and how little she’s got.
And then suddenly on the day of their 5th marriage anniversary, she has disappeared into thin air, leaving no marks whatsoever and all clues pointing towards Nick’s involvement in her possible death.

Amy in the first half is revealed through her diaries and Nick through the treasure hunt his wife always lays out on their aniversaries.
And even this you would find has a totally different sense than what it seems, as each layer of their masks starts melting giving you a glimpse of their true personalities.

Gillian Flynn has taken the basis of marriage and twisted it to a dark end where it gives your spouse the power to manipulate you and by the sheer advantage of knowing you too well.

The first half is really dragging.
The real thrill and suspense begins towards the middle.
Everything you start believing from the beginning would turn topsy-turvy towards the middle and totally bizarre as you progress.
Nick is a liar, cheat and totally unreliable, but is he really a killer?
This is one psychotic thriller that would keep on changing its course while making you believe that you have got it and then when you are sure of what it is all about it will throw another surprise at you and keep you on your toes.

There is only one spolier that I would give you and that is Amy would definitely make you hate her and hate her so much that you would want to be the one to kill her, so dark and twisted in the brain inside her pretty little head.

The story finally ends with a bizarre twist which makes their psycho relationship totally unescapable.
It seems strange at first, but then would seem appropriate to what the story was all about.
Nick and Amy both deserved such kind of a frustrating ending.
You would feel sorry for none.

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