Gone Girl

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If there is any book which has really horrible, mean and selfish main characters then this is the one.
The main backdrop being that of a marriage gone bad, this book can be exemplary of two characters who are 5 years into their marriage and are yet as elusive to each other as strangers would be.
The book starts with Nick Dunne appraising the shape of his wife’s head and initially it would seem that it is being done with love, but actually it is not.What Nick is actually silently warning is to beware of what goes on inside his wife’s pretty little head.

Amy on the other hand is whiny in the beginning about how much she wants to save their marriage, how much she has invested into the relationship and how little she’s got.
And then suddenly on the day of their 5th marriage anniversary, she has disappeared into thin air, leaving no marks whatsoever and all clues pointing towards Nick’s involvement in her possible death.

Amy in the first half is revealed through her diaries and Nick through the treasure hunt his wife always lays out on their aniversaries.
And even this you would find has a totally different sense than what it seems, as each layer of their masks starts melting giving you a glimpse of their true personalities.

Gillian Flynn has taken the basis of marriage and twisted it to a dark end where it gives your spouse the power to manipulate you and by the sheer advantage of knowing you too well.

The first half is really dragging.
The real thrill and suspense begins towards the middle.
Everything you start believing from the beginning would turn topsy-turvy towards the middle and totally bizarre as you progress.
Nick is a liar, cheat and totally unreliable, but is he really a killer?
This is one psychotic thriller that would keep on changing its course while making you believe that you have got it and then when you are sure of what it is all about it will throw another surprise at you and keep you on your toes.

There is only one spolier that I would give you and that is Amy would definitely make you hate her and hate her so much that you would want to be the one to kill her, so dark and twisted in the brain inside her pretty little head.

The story finally ends with a bizarre twist which makes their psycho relationship totally unescapable.
It seems strange at first, but then would seem appropriate to what the story was all about.
Nick and Amy both deserved such kind of a frustrating ending.
You would feel sorry for none.

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2 thoughts on “Gone Girl

  1. Hmm an interesting book, by all reports. Would you say you enjoyed it?


  2. Oh yes! It did get creepy at times.
    Its just completely psychotic and the events kept changing the course of the story so you don’t know what could happen next…
    I would make you feel in a lot many ways for sure!
    A thrilling read …


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