A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4)

A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4)A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The only thing that I can say about the 4th book of the series is that after rising to glory in A Storm of Swordsit falls below expectations with a big thud and is sadly a big letdown to all the suspence and drama it created. It reached a crescendo of mystique with so much hype but finally turns out to nothingness that vanishes like mist.

After the end of A Storm of Swords Martin takes the series to unexpected levels by making his characters even more hateful, treacherous, mean and cruel than before. There is no sense of happiness anywhere. Only the coldness that is engulfing the world and people that are even colder than the weather.
Brutality has raised the bar and just when I had started to look forward to the fate of characters I hate with such a vengeance,it brings me back to my previous notion DISGUSTED and more than that DISAPPOINTED!

There is absolutely no mention whatsoever of Jon, Arya, Dany and Tyrion in the book.Not even a mention of their whereabouts. And what you get in place is some 1100 pages of a parallel story that is going on in absolutely another world.

What I did like was seeing some characters getting their due redemption(whichever way it turns out):
Cersei Lannister is every bit a bitch and there is no one I despise more than her. She is , villainous and clodest of them all.
In her lust for power she is blinded and eventually falls into her own trap. She wants to remain the Queen Regent and is threatend by the young queen and so using her original petty,scheming mind games she so loves to play, she fails to see the trap and becomes a victim of her own connivery.
I loved it when she is put to jail and is eventually made party to what she has been dishing out so frequently and painlessly to her assailiants. She wants to be acknowledged as much as her twin Jamie and doesn’t hesitate to challenge those who come in the way. But, she does everything in the wrong way.
She has absolutely no sense of commitment, honor and being in a patriarchal structure of society where women are only good enough to produce heirs,her need to seek approval continuously from her peers makes her even more vicious and hungry to be considered an equal.
But, nevertheless she herself is a victim to what to society believes and uses all slutty and cheap measures to get the power she craves.

I feel sympathy at last for Sansa, she is forcibly made to marry Tyrion and when eventually when she is able to flee from the jaws of Cersei, she falls prey to Littlefinger.She is now Alayne and somehow I do want her to have a happy ending. Her only misgiving is that she lived in the world of her dreams and fantasy. And that is not a crime, right? Being brought up with a sense of security and a happily-ever-after world she adhered to the rules set for her, but is now being shaken brutally awake to reality that is far different from what she hoped for herself.I hope she gets her due.

Arya is Cat now and doing some pretty bizarre things in order to survive. Chapters on her make no sense.She maybe learning new things but I don’t know why she was left blinded by the end. No clue!

There are a couple too many turn-offs in this book. The descriptions are lengthy and details are gory. Too many characters and sub-plots have spoiled this book for me and it is my least favourite of the series.
I want closures now and i want characters to be given what they deserve. Hope to get them all in A Dance With Dragons!!!

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