A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

It’s the kind of book that you would read just to test your patience, the kind that may put you off reading for a long time once you are done with it, the kind that you may probably read as a pallette cleanser because you’ve had your fill of too many good books and you need a bad book in between so that you may enjoy them again!

Yes! this is what this book is all about and that too if you wan’t to write something good about it!

What really surpised me was the ability Martin showed of writing something close to a 1000 pages and still nothing worth reading happening in it.

We all know wars are messy and are bound to be sprayed with blood but is it necessary to always end someone with their entrails hanging out and their stink filling the room.
Women are nothing but things-to-be-used-by-men to GRRM and his entire series is replete with the notion.

Even the most promising characters in A Storm of Swords failed to deliver. People are either travelling or losing body parts or getting sick with strange diseases. Even Daenerys fails to impress
and is left as nothing but a helpless character that needs to be rescued. The only exciting thing that happened with her was her flight from Meereen on Drogon.

The first three books of the series seem fresh and compelling in comparison with the last two.

Countless characters make A Dance With Dragons even more confusing and nothing more than a mashed up soup of unwanted ingredients, something that neither soothes you, nor satisfies you, but makes you even sicker if possible.(Using food in the same obsessive way as GRRM who describes all the feasts laid to grostesque details)

The story just doesn’t advance at all. Every character is doing the same thing over and over again as if they are stuck in the same loop as GRRM from which he isn’t able to entangle himself.
If GRRM suffers through gibberishomania then he sure suffers through over writing of gibberish as well.

Probably his pen got infected at somepoint with some strange disease as the ones he created in his book that even he lost control over what was coming out of it.

‘Words are wind’ are his most repeated and famous words. But, with a book like that words are nothing but stale wind, something none of us would like to get acquainted with.

I am thankfully done with it and can now move on to reading something that would not be utterly nonsense.
And now this book can be placed in the dustiest corner of my house where it best be ‘A feast for the booklouse’!

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