The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride The Princess Bride by William Goldman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Princess bride gets a 5 star for me for all the quirky humour,
It’s a beauty with characters making me laugh in mindless calembour

It starts with being Billy’s favourite book when he was yet a kid
His father reads the story skipping the boring parts well hid
When Billy grows up and finds the truth of the flagrant parts not read
He decides to print one for children with previous version abridged!

The Princess bride is now a story of a girl named Buttercup
She was the most beautiful girl in the world when she scrubbed
The story follows through amusing details(with lots of fun in parenthesis)
When Buttercup’s love Westley dies she’s forced to marry the Prince

What follows has a giant,a Sicilian,a six hand sword against a Man in Black
Even with great stories and all their strengths they were beaten by the Man in the mask
He is no other than Westley who actually was supposed to be dead
So, Buttercup decides he is the one she loves and wants to wed

The cunning Prince is furious on this reunion and breaks the couple apart
But, he still isn’t able to break Westley who only listens to his heart
The wedding is coming near and Buttercup is having nightmares
She is desperately waiting for Westley to come and rescue her from the snares

Now we see the union of the giant, the six hand sword and the Man in Black
Together now they are a force bigger than what the Prince could attack
After a few funny fights what finally happens is what happens in all fairy tales
You are left to imagine their happily ever after and all the other details

So,we get them all in one:True love.hate.revenge.giants.bad men. good men
Coward men.strongest men.chases.lies.truths.passion.miracles.and then
What is true is actually there was no book that needed be edited
No Morgenstern’s actually did live or wrote a classic tale that was abridged

Its Willaim Goldman’s genius of a book, This Princess Bride is charmingly his own
It’s genuinely originally a figment of his imagination with added quirks from the unknown!

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