The Storyteller

The StorytellerThe Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Does forgives come as easy as it is to talk about it?

What makes one seek forgiveness and what makes one finally forgive and let go? Does your conscience bother you for what you did wrong or do you live a Life carrying the burden in your heart without even the slightest bit of guilt or remorse?

Is forgiveness really yours to give when the wrong-doing wasn’t exactly against you but the race that you belong to and would you help someone relieve of the burden even when you detest the truth?

What makes a normal thinking person be one with those who personify Death?

Is it really that easy to gain someone’s trust with a web of lies so that no one believes you when you actually tell the truth?

The Storyteller is this and much more.

This book is not just about the Holocaust and its brutality or about the agonies people went through in the mindless and most horrendous war crime ever committed against a race.

There is much more to it in the way it touches the human inside you and makes you admire those who not just stood up to it and survived it despite all odds but also lived a Life protecting their loved ones long after the war ended.

It would make you go through revolting feelings and painful memories of those who lived it. You would want to change history, ease their pain and wish to God it was fiction and not something that really happened less than a century ago.

Sage has been fighting her demons since her mother’s death. She hides not only the scar that marks her face but also her emotions and her lack of confidence in who she really is.
Joining a grief support group she comes across Joseph Weber, who is a 95 years old man grieving his wife’s death and a trusted, respected and much known member of the society.

Her loneliness makes her come closer to Joseph in sharing her pain and she is shocked to find the truth about him as a former Nazi SS Officer. What makes her hate him even more is to know the connection between him as one of the officers at Auschwitz and her grandmother Minka to be his victims.

It’s Minka’s story that she writes in her book that runs parallel with Joseph’s and her characters are an embodiment of the fate she writes and expects for him.
Minka’s story relieves Sage of the guilt that she has been carrying and frees her to believe in herself.
What makes is even more emotional is to see that it’s Minka’s soul that comes to peace finally after sharing and letting go of what has been hurting her so long.

Joseph’s pain as a Nazi soldier depicts being a victim of circumstances and being forced into something that’s even against your nature. He believes that he cannot die till he is forgiven and freed of his guilt. But, can some acts really be forgiven?

The end is unexpected but still feels right.
Read it to experience and feel what I still do, to think before you act, some of the Life lessons come through good books!

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