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11.22.6311.22.63 by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The very first thought that would come to you when you are on the last page?
No! I don’t want to be done with it…
The immediate second?
Wow! What a story teller…
The feeling of being awed would be there to stay and make you a Stephen King fan!

What else would you think of a grand story-teller who can combine time-travel, history, romance, mystery and even philosophies of Life and give you a treat you would not just want to miss but actually feel sad to let go when you are done with it because you still want more.

This isn’t a book that you need to know much of beforehand to want to read it.Its beauty lies in the unfolding of it’s mysteries as you go along with the flow.

The tenderness and honesty of the romance would make you nostalgic and yearn for your own sweet love story that you can never forget in this Lifetime.

Combine that with an era when Life was simpler and trust was easy to come. An irresistible and un-put-down-able combination that can only be a win-win situation.

You will be bedazzled with the charm of America in the 50s and 60s when consumerism was yet to set in, when innocence wasn’t something to look hard for and the excitement to go to a part of history that is about to change makes it an absolute page-turner.

The life-size portrayal of characters would take you on a time-travel of your own when you are there with them all the way, just that sometimes you know what’s going to unfold much more than they are aware of themselves.

The resistance of the past to change and the unrelenting pursuit of the characters to make it turn for the best would make you incapable to do anything else and you would know you’ve had a great time when you know its been put to good use.

Goosebumps and the excitement of what’s to come create a euphoria that lasts till the end.

Read it to believe it! Highly recommended!

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